Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Final Countdown

Sorry for the short delay in updating the blog, did plan evey 2 weeks, bit of a miss, but other family issues to deal with.

So, just to get you all back on track an to summarize  Celia, the good lady, fell ill with an unknown cause of encephalitis, during the next 4 years she generally had a downward rollercoaster ride in her mental abilities resulting in some incidents that had her re-assessed.  From this it was felt it would be best for both her and myself (& our daughter) if Celia went into care.  She was also referred to the National Neurological for tests and from this we were offered an possible insight into the initial illness and subsequent downward spiral.  Ether or a combination of SSPE and Hashimotos.

Celia was admitted into a specialist unit that deals with younger people that have emotional and mental issues following a brain injury.  She had her own room, staff were pleasant and kept a good eye on her.  Over the next few years thou, her physical well being was also starting to be an issue.  Her ability to walk was suffering, was becoming more like a shuffle. but they kept her going as long as they could.  In the home, they could look after her and react much quicker when issues like this a rose.  I remember visiting her at some stage and she was not well, just a cold, but it seemed to devastate her.  She was in bed, and looked like a very ill old lady, barely any movement and no response to myself or Zoe as we entered.  It was pretty grim to see her.  Feedback from the staff also said they were having to feed her more, as he own ability to use the utensils had reduced, and the cook was having to be cut up into small pieces.  Soon after this I had one of the regular appointments with her Neurologist and I fed back to him what she looked like and the general well being of her.  He then told me that this was the start of the final run for her and to be prepared.  I came out of the meeting wen back to work and sat down and just thought.  The manager I had at the time was a very understanding man (being a family man at heart) listened to me and sent me home, I was in no mental state to work.

On the 22nd July 2006, some 7 yrs post initial illness, I got that final phone call to say that Celia had passed away following on from complications. She was in hospital undergoing minor surgery to have a feeding back fitted when she got an infection/inflammation in her intestine system.  this is bad for a lot of people, but someone who is weak, even with antibiotics, she could not fed it off.  A couple of weeks later we (and the rest of the family) said our final farewell to her.  I manage to arrange to have her ashes laid at Elvaston Castle in Derby (due to family connections).  It has beautiful woodland grounds, and she like it there.  Was a place we took Zoe while Celia was still at home, and were Zoe could run, walk and bike - a small time feeling like a family.

Celia suffered greatly in the last few years, but with better understanding of encephalitis others will not.  With better diagnosis and research, doctors will understand more and more about this illness and be able to provide better care plans for those who suffer.  For the general public, being aware that a simple cold virus can lead onto something much more devastating will help save others.  Please, if you can, help me by sponsoring me as I run the London Marathon this year for the The Encephalitis Society.  To say thank to them in helping me, but also to help others fight this illness, to understand this illness.


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